Life Plan

A reproductive life plan is a set of personal goals that includes:

  1. If you want to have children
  2. When you want to have children
  3. How many children you want

Everyone needs to make a reproductive life plan based on their own values, goals, and resources. Share your plan with your partner. Make one together because having a baby is a big step for any couple.


A reproductive life plan is important for your personal well-being, whether or not you plan to have children. Planning if and when to have children helps you think about how you want to live your life and achieve your goals. Almost half of pregnancies in California are unplanned and could happen at a time when a woman’s health or social situation is not ideal. Making a reproductive life plan can help ensure that you are healthy and ready if you choose to get pregnant. (Every Woman California)

If your plan includes having a baby soon, this is the time to get preconception health care.

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